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Thanks for visiting us. Learn how ASBX first started and how we continue to grow and expand our reach across Earth to address the needs of Humans in Space. 

About ASBX

How It All Started

The 1st Australian Space Biology Symposium was established in 2019 here in Sydney, Australia.  With 128 attendees including 20 speakers from Australian academics, space industry experts, and government agency representatives. The Symposium offered a full day of activities, discussions between experts, and a dedicated panel discussion on our goals and vision for space biology. 

ASBS 2020

Despite the global pandemic, the 2nd Australian Space Biology Symposium was held completely virtually which gave us the ability to invite international speakers and partners. As such, the symposium was held in both Australia and in the United States of America. ASBS 2020 saw 23 speakers and 500+ attendees coming together to celebrate advancements in space biology, as well as supporting infrastructure and services. 

ASBX 2021

Join us this year for another epic year of space research & development.

Don't miss out. 

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ASBX | 2021

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