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Mental Health & Performance

| Earth x Space

This workshop is inspired by the multidisciplinary requirements placed on astronauts during selection and on missions.


We have brought together subject matter experts from around the world that will teach you the fundamentals of mental health and demonstrate practical techniques for improving mental performance. Beginning with breathing and movement exercises we will move into understanding the neuroscience of mental performance, decision making and habit formation, and conclude with creativity and reflection.

Your Instructors.

Thomas Mueller

Austronaut Founder
AHK Space Coordinator

Thomas Mechtersheimer

CEO of neuroCare

Angeline Wilkes

Neuroleadership Coach

Edris Noori


David Maiolo

Exercise Physiologist, MTP Health

Jesse Bergman

Yoga Instructor
PhD Candidate – Marine Biology

Lachlan McDonald

Musician & Teacher

David Braithwaite

Jesuit Priest

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Come Join Us

Nov 16th | 2021

5:00pm – 8:30pm [AEST]

Topics Covered.

Breathing and the movement heirarchy


David Maiolo

Yoga | A Practical Approach


Jesse Bergman

Mind extension & Reflection


David Braithwaite

Mental Health and Performance


Thomas Mechtersheimer

Leadership Neuroscience


Angeline Wilkes

Fighter Pilots Panel


Christian Rackl

Goals & Planning


Edris Noori

Creativity: Music


Lachlan McDonald

Exclusive Offer.

Exclusive to ASBX 2021, this amazing mental health and performance course will be available to registered participants and limited positions available. Don't miss this chance to learn something new and improve yourself and push yourself to the next level. 

$35 /AUD 

Originally $88AUD But Now Exclusively for ASBX Participants

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ASBX | 2021

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Christian Rackl Former Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot

  • 20 years in the German Air Force with 15 years of flying and 2 years in Combat Survival and Search & Rescue.

  • Now works is aviation quality and risk management.

  • Experienced in Human Factors Training, Crew Resource Management training and Single pilot resource management.

  • Expertise in mental preparation, Building up situational awareness, leadership and teamwork

  • Highest flown altitude 51,000 ft

Special Instructor