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Meet the Organizing 


Gordon Cable

Associate Professor  | University of Tasmania

Kate Poole

Associate Professor | University of New South Wales

Joanne Tipper

Head of Biomedical Engineering | UTS 

Volker Hessel

Professor | University of Adelaide

Mani Thiru

Space Industry Development | Amazon Web Services

Jason Michaud

CEO | Stardust Technologies 

Peta Bradbury

Research Scientist | Curie Institute

Detina Zalli

Genomic Medicine | Imperial College

Hirotomo Tomaru

CEO | Trident Corporation

Jason Dowling

Associate Professor | CSIRO

Anthony Kirollos

CTO | EXPLOR Space Technologies

Jackie Carpenter

Director | One Giant Leap Australia Foundation

Alfredo Martinez-Coll

ASBX Business Manager | UTS

Annabelle Jones

ASBX Marketing Manager | UTS

Scarlett Li-Williams

ASBX Sponsorship Manager | UNSW

Gurvinder Bhatia

ASBX Engagement Manager | UTS

ASBX 2021 is proud to have world-leading space industry and academic leaders on our organizing committee to put together a very exciting summit for all our attendees and to ensure the latest discoveries and technologies are showcased here at ASBX 2021. We welcome and thank our committee members for their commitment and passion for pioneering space biology and health. 


ASBX | 2021

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