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ASBX | 2021

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© 2021 by ASBX | Australian Space Biology x Health Symposium

ASBX "STEAM" Competition

Get Involved and Share Your Ideas. Launch Your Ideas Now.

Space Story  

Choose one of our space topics and share with the world your thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to disrupt and pioneer the space health industry. Get involved, share your ideas with the world. 

Young Researcher Presentation

Calling all Young Space Investigators! Do you have a space- related research, art based or engineering based project you want to share at an international conference with space agencies, astronauts, scientists, engineers, and more?

Student Art

Are you a budding artist or keen designer? No matter what level of expertise you have, you are invited to participate in our Art Competition!


Young Researcher  x Student 


Supporting the Next-Gen Space Explorer


ASBX is dedicated to the training and inspiration of the younger generation of space explorers and we are very fortunate to partner with world-leading space educators to deliver different space educations programs to the students of the world. We are continuously looking for good programs so if you know any please share with us. 

Wattle Seed in Space

Actual seeds from space!

Fizzics Foundation

Cool Space Experiments

Magnitude IO 

Space Biology


Coming Soon 

Join Our Young Researcher and Student Program

ASBX is proud to expand our offering to incorporate young researchers and young students to get involved in space biology and health. 

We are excited to partner with world-leading space educators to promote and develop innovative programs to foster and inspire the next generation. 

For ASBX 2021, we have released three student competition that cater for all different age groups, and we can't wait to see what innovation they will showcase to the world. Join us, get involved and let's keep pushing the boundaries of reality. 

We Go Above and Beyond

ASBX2021 is proud to partner with MMAARS (Mars-Moon Astronautics Academy and Research Sciences) in offering registered conference participants (aged 18 or over)

the opportunity to receive one of two MMARS scholarships:

1. MMAARS Astronautics VIRTUAL Level 1 Training scholarships (50 available)

The Program is 12 Days in duration, 2 hours per day via Zoom, and divided into FOUR weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The times will be TBD.
Scholarship holders will receive a special 50% discount, i.e., US$400.00 (the normal cost is US$800.00).
MMAARS can offer an option of a TWO Installment Payment Plan to assist in spreading the financial costs.

2. MMAARS IN-PERSON "SPACE MEDICS" Analog Astronaut Training Mission scholarships (20 available)

Missions are held at MMAARSBASE ANALOG TRAINING FACILITY located in Mojave Desert, California, USA. The In-person missions are 12 days in duration.

Each scholarship will be worth US$1000.00, to be put towards reducing the Participation Fee (the normal Participation Fee is US$3500.00).
MMAARS can offer a FOUR or SIX month Installment Payment Plan to assist in spreading the financial costs.

How do I sign up ?? 

In order to be in the running to receive one of these scholarships, you will need to "tell us in 25 words or less why you want to win this scholarship". Our judges will allocate the scholarships to the entries providing the most genuine answers. 


Only enter if you are willing to commit to attending the course if selected. For the in-person training, you must be able to be present at the MMAARSBASE n the Mojave Desert, California, USA, for the entire duration of the mission. Travel and associated costs will be the responsibility of the scholarship holder.

Please send your entry to Entries will close on 7th November 2021.


MMAARS (Mars-Moon Astronautics Academy and Research Sciences) is a vanguard organization with a mission to train SUPER SPACEHEROS, Civilian Astronauts, and NextGen Leaders for the 21st Century New Space Era.Since 2017, MMAARS has successfully developed and validated their unique VIRTUAL ASTRONAUTICS TRAINING PROGRAMS (launched 2020) and IN-PERSON ANALOG ASTRONAUT MISSIONS (launched 2018) with multiple crew teams training at MMAARSBASE training facility located in Mojave Desert, CA, USA. 

MMAARS pioneered the first-of-its-kind "STATION-to-STATION" Analog Astronaut training mission in collaboration with Mars Society International in 2019 and conducted the first "MARS MEDICS HIGH-FIDELITY Analog Astronaut missions too remote, isolated, confined, environments (I.C.E) in Nepal at 10,000 feet and 15,000ft, respectively. Additionally, we developed the unique MMAARS MARS MEDICS (MMM) program for healthcare and medical professionals interested in expanding their skills and knowledge into the Space Medicine field and entering the New Space Medical era. The MMM ANalog Astronautics training programis a series of in-person, fully immersive, Analog Astronaut Simulation Training missions focusing on space medicine, biomedical and biotechnology innovations. Mission crews enter fully “in-person” immersive simulations living and working together in a transdisciplinary, multicultural analog Mars environment in MAU’s mobile, modular Mars basecamps. The missions are specifically focused on innovations for explorations in space medicine, astro-wellness, space food production and nutrition. The crews will test, develop and innovate ways to support future human explorations and settlement on Mars and Moon. The crews will test design and integrate exponential technologies, such as, VRAR, 3D printing, biotechnology tools, telemedicine / telehealth technologies, robotics, autonomous and drones during the missions

MMAARS “Portable Integrated Analog Astronautics Simulation Training System” and unique “Let’s get S.T.E.A.M.E.D” workshops focus on novel frontier exponential technologies. MMAARS has forged collaborations and partnerships in academia, research, commercial and corporate sectors with the mission to “edutain”, engage, empower, and expand an international, global “voice” in support of human space explorations and future settlement on off-world planets, ie, Mars and Moon, with spin-off “benefits’ from new discoveries made for improving life on Earth. Additionally, the potential to conduct higher-fidelity analog astronaut simulation training is made possible with MMAARS’s modular, deployable systems, thus, more advance, complex scientific research can be conducted in analog environments more akin to the extreme, harsh conditions found on Mars and Moon. Such analog astronautic simulations can advance and/or develop new state-of-the-art technologies to support human factors, create space medicine countermeasures, mitigate challenges in future long-duration deep space missions, and enable humanity to become a multi-planetary species.

Tadamasa Iguchi

CEO, Creative Director and Photographer of IN FOCUS Inc.

While working as a manager at a club in Shibuya, started learning design by himself, then worked for a design agency.

In 2007, moved to San Francisco and experienced web intern at btrax Inc.

After moving back to Japan in 2009, became a web director and photographer for a web media company.

In 2012, founded IN FOCUS Inc.

The main fields are web design and photography, and also has deep knowledge of digital contents such as movie and graphic design.

Became a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) since 2019.



We propose new perspectives by crossing the digitized creation.

IN FOCUS is a design studio in Tokyo centered on the fields required for digital contents such as web, graphic design, video and photography.

We cross those fields from many aspects to carry out production focusing on the intent of the client.

2017: Nominated for "Agency Of The Year" on Awwwards.

2018: Founded New York branch. Selected as top 10 studios for "Designer of the Year 2018" on CSS Design Awards.

2019: Selected in "Webby Honoree" on The Webby Awards.


Sejong Park

Sejong Park is a Korean-Australian film director, published illustrator and experienced art teacher. Sejong's internationally acclaimed short animation, ‘Birthday Boy’, has been shown in over 100 international film festivals and has won more than 40 awards, including the British Academy Film and Television Award (BAFTA) and an OSCAR® nomination. His work has been published and televised around the world and has been presented at Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Lucas Film, South Korean and Australian national parliaments. He has also worked on animation projects in the USA and Australia, including ‘Shrek the Third’, ‘Shrek the Hall’, 'Peter Pan 2' and ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. Sejong’s illustrations have been widely published in Australia and abroad, including in 'The Australian', the 'Sydney Morning Herald', 'The Bulletin' and Telstra advertisements. Sejong holds a Bachelor in Visual Art and Master of Arts in Digital Media (Animation) and is currently Sejong is the Founding Director of Sydney Visual Arts Academy.

Introducing Our STEAM Art Judges !

World Renown Artists