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Our Creative Founders.

The ASBX 2021 founders in Australia and the United States of America are both current researchers and advocates in space biology and health. It is our firm belief that only by working together and uniting all our resources can we address the challenges of human space exploration. It is out of our passion and commitment to advance human physiology and health that we founded ASBX 2021. We are honoured to partner with Dr Christiansen of the ad astra vita project and other world-leading experts in our epic journey.

Founder ASBX Australia
Dr. Joshua Chou

Dr. Chou works at the forefront of understanding the cellular and disease response under microgravity and developing the technologies and tools needed for space biology and health research.

Founder ASBX USA
Dr. Christine Mehner
Mayo Clinic

Dr. Mehner is both a clinician and a space research scientist that works at the interface between clinical biology and biomedical engineering. She is also a leader in space biology and health.

Founder ad astra vita project
Dr. Rowena Christiansen

Dr. Christiansen has engaged deeply with medicine in extreme environments, and is a passionate educator. As a space medicine guru, she champions women in space and reproductive health.