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Space Story Competition.

Get creative, imaginative, serious or funny as you share your story with the world on three critical areas of space exploration and development. Find out more about how to share your space story with the world ! 

Junior Space Explorer

Aimed at ages 12 and under



Aimed at ages Age 13 – 15

Early Career Space Explorer

Aimed at ages 16 – 18



Aimed at age 18+

How You Get Started

Step 1. 

Pick a category you will submit to from ‘Categories’

Step 2. 

Pick a question you want to answer from the  ‘Questions’. Please note you can pick as many options or questions as you like!

Step 3. 

For each question write a response of no more than 500 words. There is no best amount to write. We will judge based solely on the quality of the answer, whether it is 100 words or 500 words!

Step 4. 

You may include drawings/images in your submissions.

Step 5. 

You can choose to address the questions in whatever manner you wish. They can be as creative, imaginative, serious or funny as you desire.


We will automatically reject any submissions that include swearing, offensive or inappropriate language.

1. Space Governance

OPTION A: Space travel promises many exciting possibilities, including having future colonies on other planets. Imagine you are voted in as the new leader of a future colony on Mars, and it is up to you to create a new government and new rules for the new society of colonists. What would be the top 10 rules, policies and/or requirements for your new civilization?  


Hint: When considering these 10 points, think about what humans need to survive, and consider what you think does, and does not, currently work here on Earth.


OPTION B: Imagine you have landed on Mars as part of a group to form a future colony. Life is going according to plan, and you have all established a new society and are settling into your new home planet. Suddenly, there is a knock at your door, and it is the current leaders of the colony. They need your advice as the native Martians, who the humans did not know existed, are not happy that humans have suddenly landed on their planet. Your job is to create an agreement between you and the native Martians so that everyone is happy.

2. Space Biology + Health

OPTION A: An important aspect for humans when considering living away from the Earth is food, because it is incredibly important for survival. What do you think are the top five to ten most important things that need to be farmed and why? If possible, please include in an attached list any sources used for information and make reference to them.


OPTION B: We as human beings cannot avoid having accidents or getting sick. Imagine you and your fellow colonists have arrived on Mars, and are all helping set up a new mini-city. Everyone is helping to build new houses, new food areas and also a new hospital. You are helping to build the new hospital and a new emergency bay, when someone comes to you with a cut on their finger. Then you have a good idea – everyone who goes outside exploring the new planet and building on it should carry a first aid kit. What things would you put in the first aid kit and why? Think about the potential conditions on Mars and the things that could potentially go wrong. The first aid kit can be as big as a small suitcase, but must not be too heavy to lift.

3. Space Technologies

OPTION A: You are one of the first people who is going to land on Mars. You are about to go on an exploration mission soon to get some samples of rock from the surface of Mars, but nobody knows what to expect because this is the first time a human will do this. You decided you are going to invent a new device that you are going to take with you. What device will this be? Invent a device, and describe its appearance, function and why you think it is important on this mission. It can be as imaginative and creative as you like (it does not have to be something you can actually make!) and it can do whatever it is you need it to. However, it cannot be bigger than a laptop, because you will have to be able to easily carry it! We would additionally encourage you to send an attached drawing/diagram with your submission.


OPTION B: You are finally all settled in on your new planet, but now you want to go out and explore it with your family and friends. Design a new space vehicle that can take you all out for a day trip. You can create a visual that is labelled with all the vehicle’s features and explain what those features are for, or describe it in detail.


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File Format

Submissions should be made in PDF format. If this is not possible, not to worry, please contact the organizer, and we can see what other format is compatible.


Please ensure all submissions have your name on them, as we are unable to accept unidentified submissions.

Where to send it

Please submit your entry by emailing it to us at:

Don't Miss the Deadline

Deadline for submission is 17th November 2021 by 5pm AEDT.

Competition Guideline.

Everyone is a WINNER 

Finalist Announced.

Finalists will be announced mid-October. All finalists will receive a certificate and will have their submission uploaded to our website. They will be asked if they wish to create a short video of their submission, but this is optional.

Winners Announced.

Winners will be announced at the 2021 ASBX for each category for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

What Do You Get ?

All winners will receive a space goodie bag of prizes and certificates!