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With supporters and sponsors already on board for the ASBX 2021 such as NASA, the European Space Agency, the Australian Space Agency, JAXA and NSW Government, we are looking to provide a bridge for those companies that would not usually have a chance to get as involved with the space industry whilst helping and supporting education and health of young people in Australia.

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International Exposure.

Showcase your products/services to the global community with world-leading industries, government, and academic institutions all here at ASBX. 

Digital Marketing.

ASBX will work with you to develop and introduce your digital media material through our platform including regular newsletters, theme-specific articles on ASBX website, and our dedicated YouTube channel. 


ASBX brings you value through our vast and multidisciplinary industry and academic network allowing you to reach out to more diversity of customers to support their needs. 

Support STEM.

Your sponsorship will go towards STEM outreach activities and education to help inspire and educate the next generation of space talents. ASBX is passionate in supporting STEM activities and outreach. 




With ASBX Australia and USA panel running in parallel, this attracts a global audience from all walks of life. 



ASBX is proud to announce to date we have over 70+ speakers ready to share their pioneering work in space biology and health. 



ASBX welcomes all our industry partners and supporters to showcase where the industry is going and developing to support human space exploration and health. 



ASBX is honored to have attendees and speakers from over 15+ countries getting involved and we hope to reach out to more people through our upcoming activities. 



ASBX is introducing live panel sessions for key opinion leaders to share and discuss development and advancement in each respective topic. 



ASBX past conferences show a 100% satisfaction from attendees and speakers and we continue to grow exponentially each year. 

Galaxy All-Star

The stars are the limit. Take advantage and maximize your digital marketing campaign through our Galaxy sponsorship program. 


•Two newsletter short article features sent to attendees

•Featured YouTube Presentation for the conference

•Free attendance to sponsor event

•In-person speaker presentation preview

•ASBX website feature article 

Sponsorship Plans.

ASBX offers a range of sponsorship plans to suit your needs. Please feel free to reach out to our sponsorship team if you have any questions or requests. ASBX is passionate to support any industry sponsors in getting your brand out there to the space economy. 




•Prominent recognition on website and online presence

•A newsletter short article feature sent to attendees

•Discounted admission to sponsor event 



•Prominent recognition on website and online presence

•Invitation to sponsor event (will include additional costs)



•Two newsletter short article features sent to attendees

•Featured YouTube Presentation for the conference

•Free admission to attend to sponsor event


ASBX 2021

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Why Sponsor ASBX

What Sets Us Apart

 The ASBX 2021 is the world's largest space biology x health summit, and is anticipated to have over 1000+ attendees with 70+ speakers and over 50+ industry supporters. The summit brings together the world's brilliant minds in space biology and health development to speak on these cutting-edge topics.  We are here to help researchers, business professionals, and government agencies to understand, identify and stay informed to deliver truly effective solutions for space.

What will your sponsorship go towards.


Support Christmas drive towards space-related toys for children hospitals in Sydney, Australia. 


Supporting space-related student projects 


Supporting  prizes for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education-focused student competitions that promote space health and exploration